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Hello, my name is Ujin and I am the proud founder of Ujin Realty, a premier real estate company based in the beautiful heartland of Mongolia. My journey in the real estate sector started in 2020 when I perceived a unique opportunity in the landscape of Mongolian real estate. With a passion for service and a knack for spotting excellent investments, I ventured into the business, fueled by the desire to assist both buyers and sellers in making the best deals possible.

Over the past 4 years, my experience has grown exponentially, leading to the establishment of Ujin Realty in 2022. Specializing in land sales and investment procurement for construction, I’ve successfully connected numerous investors to lucrative opportunities, effectively changing the face of our local real estate market. I leverage my extensive knowledge of Mongolia’s real estate landscape to provide exceptional service, always ensuring my clients’ needs are met. My mission at Ujin Realty is to create meaningful relationships with clients and to ensure that their real estate investments are both satisfying and profitable.

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